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Long-grain IRRI-6 Rice


Available in (1,2 & 5 kg packaging)

Long grain IRRI-6 rice is majorly popular in African regions, unlike other long-grain rice it has a unique texture and it goes well with middle eastern and African culinary delights, cultivated in the province of Punjab and Sindh, the IRRI-6 rice are rich, fragrant and fluffy upon cooking.

About MIM long grain rice

MIM long-grain rice division rice segment comprises 11 types of rice including; Brown rice, Steamed rice, White long grain rice, Super Kernel Basmati Rice, Basmati D-98, Long grain PK-386 rice, Long grain IRRI-6 white rice, Long grain IRRI-9 white rice, parboiled Sella IRRI-6 long-grain rice, Parboiled 1121 basmati Sella, and broken rice.


Pakistan being an agro-based economy has a natural abundance of all agricultural products, we source our premium quality rice from the province of Punjab, Sindh,. and Mansehra district.

MIM being the global exporter of long grain rice, aims at contributing towards the socio-economic development of Pakistan while providing the best quality aromatic long grain rice to consumers around the globe.

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