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Millennium International & Mining Limited (MIM), is a resource company that specializes in the mining, extraction, and processing of Himalayan Pink Salt. Our products are sold worldwide with sales teams in various countries and with headquarters and distribution in Pakistan. Our team comprises trained professionals with a myriad of experience in the mining industry.

Our value proposition focuses on developing a conducive relationship with our customers by providing the best quality resources, operating with a transparent business model, and by creating long-term value while mitigating the impact on our environment.


Millennium International & Mining (PVT) ltd works on the motto “A healthy body leads to a healthy life". Your health is your greatest wealth, and small changes in our daily routine can yield remarkable health benefits. The discovery of Himalayan pink salt in its actual pure form lead us to a whole new world of opportunities. There are 84 natural minerals within pure Himalayan rock salt which are not only essential for all living beings but also hold incredible health benefits. Pure Himalayan salt can be used in several ways and we believe in innovating our range of Himalayan salt products while keeping it 100% natural with no additives. Much of the Himalayan Pink salt consumed across the globe comes from Pakistan. The precious salt is extracted from the Salt Range in Punjab which extends along the south of the Potohar Plateau and the north of the Jhelum River. We have the most experienced craftsmen and state-of-the-art equipment to extract the mineral-rich Himalayan salt in its purest form. We follow a delicate process of screening and selecting raw Himalayan salt rocks from the mines, which further goes through various processes and grading systems, to be categorized for producing Himalayan salt lamps, edible culinary salt, animal salt licks, therapeutic products, home decor products, health and beauty products, which we deliver across the globe, in their ultimate purest form.

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