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Millennium International & Mining (Pvt) ltd works on the motto “A healthy body leads to a healthy life". The discovery of Himalayan pink salt in its actual pure form lead us to a whole new world of opportunities. There are 84 natural minerals within pure Himalayan rock salt which are not only essential for all living beings but also hold incredible health benefits. Much of the Himalayan Pink salt consumed across the globe comes from Pakistan. The precious salt is extracted from the Salt Range in Punjab which extends along the south of the Potohar Plateau and the north of the Jhelum River. We follow a delicate process of screening and selecting raw Himalayan salt rocks from the mines, which further goes through various processes and grading systems, to be categorized for producing Himalayan salt lamps, edible culinary salt, animal salt licks, therapeutic products, home décor products, health and beauty products, which we deliver across the globe, in their ultimate purest form. Pakistan being an agro-based economy has a natural abundance of all agricultural products, MIM long-grain rice sources premium quality rice from the province of Punjab, Sindh, and Mansehra district. MIM being the global exporter of long grain rice aims at contributing towards the socio-economic development of Pakistan while providing the best quality aromatic long grain rice to consumers around the globe. MIM long-grain rice division rice segment comprises 11 types of rice including; Brown rice, Steamed rice, White long grain rice, Super Kernel Basmati Rice, Basmati D-98, Long grain PK-386 rice, Long grain IRRI-6 white rice, Long grain IRRI-9 white rice, parboiled Sella IRRI-6 long-grain rice, Parboiled 1121 basmati Sella, and broken rice.

Animal Salt Licks

For centuries it has been known that animals need salt in their diet, just as humans. Pure Himalayan salt animal licks contain traces of 84 minerals which has remarkable health benefits for domestic animals and cattle including; strengthening their immune system, helps animals develop shiny & healthy coats, reduces animal drowsiness, increases their weight, enhances cattle digestibility, optimizes rumen fermentation, hardens the hooves of animals, increases milk yields by 5-15%, increases feed intake, increased farm efficiency & productivity. Our animal salt lick product range includes pure rock salt licks, compressed animal salt licks, and Himalayan salt granules, to be added to animal feed. 

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps are considered as regular air ionizers as they make negative particles noticeable all around which normally scrubs the air making better environmental factors to take in. Ideal to be utilized in workplaces just as in homes, their common properties help people in battling asthma, and other breathing issues. It also has remarkable healing properties including; increase in energy levels, improving your mood and sleeping, improving serotonin levels, increasing blood flow, and improved breathing.

Health & Beauty Products

With its deeply soothing and rejuvenating properties, Himalayan salt is becoming popular as a magical ingredient for skin problems. Our range of health and beauty products holds incredible detoxifying properties. Himalayan salt is an excellent exfoliator and it gently scrubs off the dead skin cells and gives a natural glow. A Himalayan salt bath is also gaining popularity due to its healing effects on your body, it soothes and calms while giving a radiant look to your skin. Our range of health and beauty products includes; Himalayan bath salts, Himalayan salt scrubs infused with essential oils, foot rollers, and scrubbers to name a few.

Edible Culinary Salt

The Himalayan Pink Salt contains more than 84% mineral elements and components imperative to human wellbeing. It is known for its high mineral substance and remedial properties, the Pink Salt can be utilized to animate dissemination, loosen up the body, alleviate sore muscles, and eliminate poisons from the body, other than giving a solid and normally controlled stock of fundamental minerals and supplements to the human body.

MIM Long-grain rice

Long-grain white rice has a special aroma, it is extra fine and pearl white, it is fluffy upon cooking and is best to be used for many culinary delights, the long-grain white rice is cultivated in the province of Punjab and Sindh and  Mansehra district. MIM long-grain white rice comprises various attributes including smooth grains that are aromatic, wholesome, and healthy, which makes it a perfect pick for cooking. 

Premium Quality Organic Products

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